Month: May 2014

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USFunVideos: Pre-Roll & Video Single Pixel Advertising Fraud

Recently, The Wall Street Journal published an interesting article about single pixel advertising on the website Besides the content, the website displayed several tiny websites, each the size of a single pixel on a computer screen. Those tiny websites had barely any content but served up advertisements which were invisible to the naked eye.…
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Protected: Blackshades 5.5.1 Source Code

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Zombie Browsers

Zombie browsers Browser extensions, that may harm your computer. Firefox, Chrome, Safari browser extensions, Rails command & control server, meterpreter scripts, SET plugin.Contributors: Z & MisiWeb site:  (forked)

Interesting Stuff

Talks Paul Asadoorian and John Strand DerbyCon 2.0 2012 – Offensive Countermeasures: Still trying to bring sexy back DerbyCon 3.0 2013 – Hacking Back Active Defense And Internet Tough Guys Raphael Mudge Bsides Las Vegas 2012 – Force Multipliers for Red Team Operations DEFCON 20 2012 – Cortana: Rise of the Automated Red Team Derbycon…
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Protected: PIX Firewall — Up 6 years, 22 days

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