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How-to Change ILAN on single host Ciena MCP/BluePlanet Install – After the fact

If you started your MCP/BluePlanet install and later found that you have a conflict with the default network it uses for its containers, you will need to change it. Here’s a quick how-to…

Git Cheat Sheet

Git is the open source distributed version control system that facilitates GitHub activities on your laptop or desktop. This cheat sheet summarizes commonly used Git command line instructions for quick reference. MAKE CHANGES Review edits and craft a commit transaction [syntax type=”html|php|js|css”]$ git status[/syntax] Lists all new or modified files to be committed [syntax type=”html|php|js|css”]$…
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Protected: GCP Cheat Sheet

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Docker Cheat Sheet

Docker & Docker Compose Overview Quick List docker-compose build docker-compose up -d docker-compose logs -f docker exec -it <container> bash docker run -it centos docker ps -aq –no-trunc | xargs docker rm docker images -q –filter dangling=true | xargs docker rmi NOTE: Configure Direct-LVM Mode for Production Misc Can’t connect to your Container? ┬áIt Exists…
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Grab Your External IP on Local Server

$ curl $ dig +short $ curl -s | grep -o “[[:digit:].]\+” $ curl -s | sed ‘s/[a-zA-Z<>/ :]//g’